the west village…no really.

I’ve lived here…what? Nine months, now?  Thats more than 2/3 of a year, thats the exact length of a pregnancy…and basically THATS A LONG TIME! Therefore, when Anna and I stumbled upon an adorable area that is a mere walking distance from my apartment I was simultaneously confused and delighted!  Before I go further…let me just say that Sundays are the best days here because there is brunch and there is laziness.  Anna and I are lazy on Sundays and we also like to wander aimlessly.  Well…this past weekend…Saturday was our “Sunday” and we began to wander. Thus stumbling upon the REAL west village…

After walking around a few familiar streets…we took a turn and ended up on a street with an old bookstore that we fell in love with.  Bank St also had a numerous amount of cute restaurants and a Little Marc Jacobs (childrens cloths…omg).  I also found an actual typewriter store that sells new ribbons!  I traded my beanbag for a typewriter a while back…and I’ve been meaning to replace that ribbon…good thing I have an actual typewriter store around the corner! That just goes to show you that you think you know where you are…and then you don’t. Or something like that.

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