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First of all, my many apologies for the lack of posts lately (enough with the rude emails and texts! goodness!).  When I get home from work, the last thing on my mind is writing. I think about writing constantly at work, but when I return home from a long day, I need a moment…which turns into hours and time simply escapes me.  I feel as though time is of such value and lately, I simply don’t have enough of it!  I love love love sleep and require a decent amount of it to properly function (that…AND a large iced latte with an extra shot).  Therefore, I chose sleep over blogging…and for that…i am sorry. ha. 

*columbus circle*
(p.s. i took these pics)
This past weekend, I went on a wonderful date with a canadian architect that ended horribly (long story).  Needless to say, I hate boys and I agree with all the other racist Americans that blame Canada for everything. They’re boring.  Plus, whats up with those ridiculous accents? blah.  After that fiasco, my lovely parental units came into town for a few days.  With Bleecker street getting bleaker…and the weather getting colder, it was nice to be whisked away to Columbus Circle for a few nights on the Upper West Side (complete with bathtub, Central Park views, and fantastic food). 

sunrise over the park…good mornin!
We ate at Serendipity III (always good), Mercer Kitchen, Grey Dog, Market Table, and Otto.  Otto is supposedly the #1 booked restaurant on but I found the menu and our waiter (who kinda looked like Jesus) frustrating.  For someone who can speak Spanish decently, I had the worst time understanding the Italian menu, but ended up getting a tasty pizza and a glass of cab.  The night ended with a celebrity siting in our elevator: me, lynny, johnny, and KEANU REEVES! 
My parents also had friends in town, Doug and Kelly Berry and we ate with them a few times.  They’re extremely nice and normal people and I loved getting to know them.  We went to the Top of the Rock (my favorite tourist-y thing to do) at night…which I’ve actually never done.  It was beautiful.  All in all….a great weekend!

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