lifelong friends

WARNING…this is an extremely thankful posting: 
Although Thanksgiving is a few weeks away…today I sit here exceptionally thankful for the amazing people that have entered into my life over the past 24 years.  And up there on the list would be Katie Horrell and Lauren Houk Clay: my life-long friends and  the closest things I have to sisters (besides my two ACTUAL sisters…obviously).  They both visited NYC this weekend and having  them  here at the same time made it all the more fun.  There is nothing more comforting than having two people around that know you better than anyone else in the entire world.  We realized we’ve known each other exactly 12 years. Sixth grade was that long ago? 

This weekend, the weather was perfect minus a few rain showers. Saturday, it was was gloomy in a good way and not in the least bit cold. We went to Lucky Shops in the morning and made some fantastic purchases.  In the afternoon, we wondered around the park, attempted to go to the Chanel mobile art exhibit (the line was 3 hours long) and finally ate at the Central Park Boathouse. Yum. The rest of the weekend was full of random wanderings and great food.  All in all, one of my favorite weekends up here, yet! Come back…I miss you both already.


  1. awww… I love you Jo!! Thanks for such a FUN weekend… I am definitely coming back soon. Miss you already!


  2. loooooooveeeeee the post. miss yall both so much and had the most fun ever. we’ll have to plan another spring trip for sure.

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