in living color…blue to be exact

The constant flow of visitors, trips, and events leaves me quite sleepy and hardly-ever bored.  i forgot to mention…last weekend Jackson and Mrs Nancy Brasher were here and I had the pleasure of eating brunch with them on Saturday…it was nice to see a portion of the Brasher family…to at least tide me over until thanksgiving.  This week, my 2nd set of parents, Nick and Tracy Cua were in town and treated me to a lovely dinner at the Mercer Kitchen on Thursday…yummy.  Maxx and his girlfriend, Ashley, also flew into town to partake in the Halloween festivities and it was nice to finally meet maxx’s adorable girlfriend.

Halloween was really really fun.  i have a really cute picture of my mother from when she attended Lipscomb.  she’s standing in front of Elam Hall (i believe with Collette Easter) and they’re dressed up as crayons.  She was blue, Collette was red.  I purchased a fantastic blue wig while in D.C. and turned to lynnypoopers for advice as to what I could be that involved a blue wig.  she reminded me of when she became a crayon and i immediately went to the fabric store to purchase the items needed to make my dress.  it worked out quite nicely.  all in all, it was a great weekend!
this coming weekend, lauren clay, katie, horrell, anna gatlin, lizzy, and myself are attending lucky shops…i absolutely cannot wait! gotta love visitors…and shopping. yay.

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