grape? no, my name is grant. drant? no, grant. graaaynnnt, take the picture!

Just thinking about this past weekend puts a smile on my face.  Houston (Hooter) Marks and Grant (Grape) Mullins came to visit.  Lets just say I’m in a constant fit of laughter when graced with the presence of these two.  Besides being quick-witted, they’re also the easiest to entertain (except when the karaoke bar isn’t full of enough people for Grant to sing for – he likes to show off a bit).  Below is a picture of myself and my well-acoustic-ed friends. 

One of the main purposes of this trip was for Hootie and I to watch HSM III…which we did on Saturday.  All in all, the movie was amazing.  I loved the new songs and, obviously Zac Efron’s adorable face…BUT we were in a theatre of about 300+ screaming little girls who were kicking our seats and drowning out the dialogue.  Needless to say, we left the theatre aggravated.  Perhaps when it comes out on DVD, we’ll enjoy it more.  OH WELL…What a great weekend! 

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