postcards: washington, dc

This past weekend, i visited the wolos in washington, d.c.  it was such an amazing weekend because we had no plans or expectations…just quality time with two of my favorite people! what stood out to me about this visit was that lauren and wesley have already adapted to their city SO well.  last time lauren and I were in D.C. we weren’t familiar with the public transportation or our surroundings in general.  It was nice to be able to wander the city with such fantastically knowledgable tour guides.  not to mention…i was quite impressed.

Friday night we went to georgetown with jackson and his girlfriend, meggie moo, who i absolutely loved.  it was good to see jack in his natural habitat (haha that makes you sound like an animal) and hang out in his area of town.  georgetown is quaint and beautiful. On Saturday, we shopped for halloween costumes, and then they took me to the eastern market.  i LOVED it! It was beautiful because of all the colors from the vegetables, flowers, and food available to purchase.  the weather was great on saturday so i especially enjoyed walking around. 
saturday night, we remained low key and ate near their apartment on the hill (funny story about that dining adventure…too long to type, however!) after dinner, we headed to chinatown which is NOTHING like my chinatown and met Vaca (my bffae), Grant Mullins, and Adam Stunkle (friends from LU) for drinks!  I’m so glad I got to see them…and hopefully the wolos and Vaca will become good friends…i would really like that (no pressure!!!) 
Sunday, we traveled to Georgetown so I could pop in our new Betsey Johnson store located there.  It looked really nice!  After that, we ate lunch with Jackson and Meggie Moo and headed back towards the hill.  We finished off my weekend by stopping by an animal shelter to hopefully aid the clays in adopting a kitty.  they found the one they wanted and are waiting for her to weigh enough to take home…after that…it was time to catch my train! It was fun guys, thanks again! see you in november!!!

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