quarter-life crisis


I would, first, like to say thanks to everyone who is actually reading my blog. (this first paragraph might sound like a simulated acceptance speech but don’t be fooled!) I had no idea anyone was truly reading this rambling, jumble of thoughts…but apparently so! and i’m completely flattered. really. thank you.
I was on a brief hiatus for the past week in Nashville, TN.  I had originally intended this to be a quick weekend trip…but prolonged my stay to Wednesday instead of Sunday. If anyone saw me this weekend…i was, somewhat aloof and distracted.  I needed more time in Nashvegas than I thought and, therefore, no need for a hasty return to the city…
Needless to say…after spending a week in Nashville, I have decided I might be participating in the creation of my own “quarter-life” crisis.
INTENTIONALLY skipping right OVER the unecessary topic of the male gender…I quit my job almost two weeks ago after a 4-month stint at Partsearch Technologies. (Brynn needed someone who spoke computer…and I’d had my fill of computer babble).  Either way…it was a smooth departure…and I still love/appreciate Brynn for putting up with me for so long. 
where am i going?
Because of this decision…my life has encountered a temporary stand-still.  I’ve found myself doing something I never do – thinking about my future.  When you don’t know where you’re going…it’s hard to find out who you, presently, are. Does that make sense? I’m so torn by the comforts of home/the possibilities of this city.  Sometimes I fit in each. Sometimes, neither. 
Perhaps I simply need a good slap in the face?
(no volunteers, please!) or maybe a WRITING JOB!

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