today was a good day

Yesterday…(wednesday) was just one of those good days.  Nothing extraordinary occurred…just a collabination (collaboration + combination) of little things.  I went to bed last night, contently thinking…“Today was a good day” and then the lyrics to Ice Cube played quietly in my head until i fell asleep. Damn, that’s a good song. 

I woke up and showered for my interview in Long Island City…wore my new shoes (well they’re not really new…but i bought them a while back and hadn’t worn them yet – so they’re new to me!)…caught the tube exactly when it was pulling up (which is my favorite)…and proceeded to Queens to participate in a kick-butt interview…if i do say so myself.
I was offered a freelance position as a contributing writer to an online site called It’s currently not a fully-functioning website…which is why they need contributing writers! For content! However, if all goes well, I’m be considered to take on the role as an editor which is enticing.  I’m enthusiastic about participating in this opportunity for the experience (plus it’s unpaid…which is a bummer). However, what a great way to get my foot in the door of this town…or at least my big toe?
Also, the president of a publishing company called me and told me that she enjoyed my resume that i had previously submitted and would call me when any job opportunities should arise.  I have decided i could easily work in the publishing world…especially with children’s books.  i will always be a kid. so why not?
Finally, I watched the Godfather II (i’m obsessed.) and had two slices of Joe’s pizza before nodding off. i finally feel settled and it feels nice.

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