note: also written at two in the morning on wednesday night…

last week i went to brooklyn for my first time.  i have been two times previously (once with liz when we crossed the bridge and once with drew and mateo to look at an apt)…but i’m not counting them as “brooklyn encounters” because they lasted less than an hour each and i didn’t get to experience the area. 
this time, however, i went and experienced it. i went with my friend yuriy from hermes of paris. (he is one of the actual people i got along with while working there). he’s my latvian, music-loving friend and we always have great conversations. therefore, i was excited to venture out of the city to hang out…where else? in williamsburg.
so while in brooklyn…i saw a musical duet perform called chicken little. one girl played the accordian (which is an extremely difficult instrument to play — both hands are pushing different buttons…allthewhile you’re pushing and pulling the actual accordian in and out….talk about multi-tasking!) the guy played the guitar. while playing their respective intstruments, they sang and harmonized beautifully. i liked it. alot.
also while i was there…there was a HUGE carnival/streetfair going on…which reminded me of home a little bit. perhaps the franklin fair? however, it was very ethnic. i had my first knish…which is like a potato…maybe? i put mustard on it and it was delicious. i also purchased a LARGE inflatable mets bat for $6…which might have been the worst idea EVER. never carry a large mets bat in yankeeland…or heckling will ensue. (i should have just hit those “stank-ees” fans with the bat…now that i think about it…)
i have since went back to williamsburg to sell some of my clothes for cash…i did this at home from time to time at planet exchange. there are no stores like that in manhattan…so i hopped on the L to brooklyn…because they have one there called beacon’s closet. AND because i’m a “regular” to the brooklyn area. or at least i hope to be :)

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