chicken noodle soup.

Once upon a time there was a twenty-ish girl that became deathly ill. Miles and miles away from her mother, she had no one to tend to her ailments. One afternoon, after hours and hours of laying on her deathbed, her door buzzer began to buzz. The young girl mustered up enough energy and curiousity to leap over to the door…only to find an asian delivery man with soup. As delicious as soup sounded to the girl, she did not happen to order any. As she tried to explain this to the nice delivery man, she noticed the receipt said it had been pre-paid by credit card. Someone had sent this soup to her! Who would participate in such a nice gesture? None other than her BFFAE, Stephen Vaca who hails from Washington, D.C. She promptly phoned him to thank him for his ridiculously nice gesture. The End

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