postcards: mama shelter marseille


For our brief stay in Marseille, France, we stayed at Mama Shelter – a small hotel chain that has additional locations in Paris, Lyon,  Bourdeaux, Istanbul, and Los Angeles. What hooked me was the logo and, then, I saw their prices. An affordable hotel with a penchant for unique design and extremely clean rooms? Yes, please. This was truly a beautiful, high-tech and thoughtfully-designed hotel and I would recommend it again and again.


At Mama Shelter, they’re all about having a good time. In addition to the character masks, each room is also equipped with it’s very own apple display that acts as your in-room concierge, TV, camera for taking silly pics. We took a few photos wearing our masks that the hotel provided in each room. If you happen to follow them on instagram…you’ll see that everyone likes to partake.

IMG_4074 IMG_4189

Mama Shelter Marseille was also equipped with a outrageously decorated restaurant and bar located in the lobby. I loved the feature light fixture over the bar made from a long fluorescent bulb adorned with kiddie pool floats. Such a fun space.


Oh, and don’t forget the Mama Swag – towel + Mama Skin by Absolution and my shitty iPhone photos :)


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