billy’s new corner

I didn’t realize how large our bedroom was until we moved all of our furniture into the space. I’ve never had this much room to work with and loved the idea of having all my necessary items right where I’d be most of the time…in my bed. I’m lazy and I love television (what do you want me to do). So, I made my desk, my bedside table. Ryan’s side of the bed had a small table for the past 3 months, so over the weekend, we moved his West Elm mid-century desk to the house to replicate my desk set-up on the other side.


I won this amazing mid-century chair in auction, but when I picked it up, I noticed the upholstery was actually in really rough shape. I decided on a large-scale blue gingham that I thought went really well with the American flag hanging on the wall, his baseball bat, and all of this vintage “SOLD” signs that I hung over his desk. It creates a pretty cute masculine corner of the room.


There is nothing more exciting than dropping off a piece of furniture at the upholsterer and then getting the call that it’s ready. It turned out so perfect for this spot.





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