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I’m sure my fellow Nashville antique hunters will kill me for this post, but I’ve had such amazing luck with this website, I felt it would be selfish not to share. Everything But The House is  a local estate sale auction company that originated in Cincinnati, and has quickly spread to neighboring cities like…NASHVILLE! It’s your perfect estate sale experience without the lines or pushing. I realllllly hate the pushing, but I exceptionally hate waiting in those damn lines! The anxiety, the drama…it’s just too much.

What first drew me in was obviouslyyyyyy the antiques. But, for someone who owns her own website design/development company, I have to say that the functionality of this website is genius and quite user-friendly. It’s definitely a reason why I’ve continued to go back. I’m blown away by its intuitiveness and how easy it is to navigate. I also love how it keeps track of what you’ve bid on and keeps all of those items in one place. Once you’ve been outbid – it notifies you via email in case you’re out running errands or, I don’t know, just living your life like everyone else in the world.

Usually the sales last anywhere from 3-5 days, but sometimes there are quick, one-day sales. To be fair to everyone, they even extend the time if you’ve been in a bidding war with someone. That way, there aren’t any last-minute poachers. Once you’ve one your item, there’s a designated pick up day at the house. If you can’t make it then, they’ll take the item to their warehouse for a scheduled pick-up. If you’re shopping one of their out-of-state sales, they also supply shipping quotes! So accommodating.


A few weeks ago, I won this gorgeous Mies Van Der Rohe cantilever chair and a kilim runner. This week, I won this Salvador Dali etching of Vincent van Gogh – complete with authenticity papers [I’m officially an art collector :)], plus, this yellow victorian gooseneck sofa for the new Rare Assembly offices at Track One!


Needless to say, it’s a great way to enjoy your sofa and/or your family, whilst occasionally bidding on quality pieces. I’m sold…go check it out here!

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