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It’s hard to be healthy when you’re eating with a boy. My husband lives off of pizza and the like…but doesn’t really seem to fluctuate in weight. Since we’re besties and live together…guess what I end up having for dinner, too? Yep.

Initially, I tried planning out dinners for the week…but found that planning for the entire week would result in wasted food and over-purchasing. Then, I tried to daily plan for dinner…telling myself I’d run to the grocery story after work for those random ingredients need to complete the recipe of choice. That’s when pizza sounds the most delicious.

Then, I started to create my own recipes from what I had in the pantry at a given time. I’d be lucky to have any sort of fresh produce…and if I did, my luck it was wilted or moldy. That’s when I decided we might actually eat healthier if those things were available to me…delivered in a beautiful basket with radishes cascading from the top, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.53.41 AMI give you exhibit A: a CSA (community supported agriculture) from a friend’s family farm called Bloomsbury Farm. Doesn’t that already sound really tasty? After following them on instagram over the a year, I decided this was my next attempt at a healthier diet. The pictures of the produce and their farming process was so beautiful to watch…I couldn’t wait to go pick up my first basket.

I chose to have my pick ups be at the West End Farmers Market every other weekend [if you go there, grab some shrimp & grit cakes from Sehrt Seafood …holy CRAP), but you can pick from a variety of locations throughout Nashville and its outskirts. A few days before, they emailed me to let me know what would be in my basket and I immediately started to research things I could make and how to properly store my produce to make it keep longer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.56.40 AM

This batch had a ton of kale, strawberries, and radishes so I decided to make this salad from cookie + kate for dinner. I loved making my own savory granola and salad dressing – first timer for both. I decided to make enough of each to use for the rest of the week and I’m glad I did. I also made a breakfast salad (not pictured) for dinner tonight that consisted of kale, sunflower seeds, over-easy eggs, bacon, and the dressing from the first salad. Probably my favorite new thing.

Last night I made this…and plan to make this and this and this! Obviously, more CSA updates to come. Thanks again, Bloomsbury Farm!

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