DIY Italian Linen Pendant Light 2.0


So, I started a lot of projects before we decided to purchase moore ave. and renovate it. I also wrote a bunch of half-written blog posts that explained those processes and completely forgot about them. After migrating my site over to WordPress, I noticed that this draft that had fallen through the cracks…my damn fabric pendant light. You may remember this rogue post going live without permission WAY before I had completed the light fixture (another reason why it was time to switch from blogger to WP).


Well, the good news is, I finished the light! It has been hanging in my bedroom for a few months now and I made some matching curtains to hang along with it. It gives off the perfect amount of glow with this edison bulb from home depot. How I ended up completing it was ordering this light kit off of etsy, criss-crossing some 16 gauge wire within the wreath form…and voila!

lamp1 lamp2

I have a penchant for oversized pieces and this unreasonably large and almost haphazardly-thrown-together piece of art (yeah, it’s totally art) makes me really happy. The texture and warmth it brings to the room is so so cozy. I’m all about that cozy.


I jokingly played around with it being a lampshade for my giant brass lamp (above), but I finally found the perfect black linen option with a gold lining on sale from restoration hardware. It’s quite oversized as well…go figure.


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