reclaimed kitchen shelves

When we were doing our renovation (an ongoing process), we decided to keep alll of the wood from the walls. The lath and 2x4s were so old and beautiful, we couldn’t just toss them out or burn them! I thought we’d make all of our cabinets from this wood, but after a good 4 months of renovating, I’ve decided that was entirely too ambitious. Instead, I thought I’d start small and use the wood for my kitchen shelves I’ve been dreaming about. You may recall this photo:

This is how I had envisioned my kitchen from the moment we went crazy and ripped the walls down to the kitchen we had decided to keep for the time being. Because the ceilings were so tall, I loved the idea of having shelves running all the way up the wall. Inspiration photos below…

We decided that the lowest shelf would be 3 2×4’s deep and the two above it would only be 2 2×4’s deep. The only shelf I can truly reach from the floor is the bottom one, so the higher shelves will mainly be for display/storage. I ordered the brackets from west elm and utilized my FAVORITE toggle bolts from home depot. They’re the only brand I use (all other toggle bolts suck so so bad). 

The first shelf we cut to 70” and as we went up, we added 10 inches each time (80″, 90″). This was Billy’s idea and I love it.

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