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What has come to a shock to me as of late is how many people ask me what I’m doing career-wise. My first thought is “Do I appear all over the place?” – and then it hits me. Yeah, I’m totally all over the place! The best question I’m still asked is…”Are you still organizing closets?” Ha! Backstory: I graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in PR. I wrote for 2 years for almost every publication in Nashville. I was a fashion columnist for the City Paper, a PR girl for Betsey Johnson in NYC, and was afforded the opportunity to interview the likes of Brandi Carlile, The Avett Brothers, Patterson Hood, and Laura Bell Bundy. Unfortunately, writing doesn’t pay the bills anymore and staff writers are almost entirely obsolete.

I started a few small companies like Edit Your Closet [organization company] to pass the time, but I think my career began when I took the job in January 2013 at JLB in Franklin. This is how I truly learned how to run a business and learned the importance of quality branding combined with intuitive web design. Yesssss, I am an antique dealer and will always continue do that. I will always be a creative person and because of that, I need to have an outlet that inspires me.However in 2014, I officially became a grown up when I started two companies: The House and Rare Assembly. The House was a vintage rental company…and was almost too tied into what I was already doing as an antique dealer. When push came to shove, I couldn’t balance dealing antiques, renting props, and Rare Assembly. Eventually, I sold my half to my business partner, Rebecca who still runs it and runs it well [she’s a professional stylist). In the end, it was the best decision for me and for Rare Assembly.

pictured from L to R: Colin [newest team member], me, Micah, Alex

I started Rare Assembly around the same time with my buddies, Micah and Alex. We all worked together at JLB and had a really good rhythm for churning out client projects. At Rare Assembly, we do everything we did at JLB…but so much better. We work and live by our own rules and put our customers over ourselves. I think that’s what sets us apart and why we’re so good at what we do. Work feels like a clubhouse an less like a chore and picking and choosing our own clients has been such an exciting process. We’re the perfect little tripod.

What does Rare Assembly do exactly? We do a LOT.  I cannot stress that enough. We do everything. We create logos, print pieces [posters, business cards, mugs, shirts, letterhead, etc], we design and develop custom websites, we create packaging for products, and we host websites. We do all of this with marketing and SEO in mind in hopes of making any business, large or small, much better than it was before. Below are a just a few examples.









Needless to say, now you know what I do :) and if you’re in need of these services we provide…email me! We just recently moved into our new offices at the Track One building [where Porter Flea is held] on the corner of 4th Ave and Chestnut – come by and say hello! or follow us on twitter and instagram.

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