project moore ave: the plan for the bathroom

Imagining and designing my ideal bathroom has been so difficult! The problem isn’t that I don’t know what I like, the problem is that I like all sorts of styles and narrowing down those ideas has been a challenge. I started by pulling the images of bathrooms that stood out to me most brought that number from 2347293723 to four. Out of those, the below photo ended up having a lot of the elements I decided on in regards to tiles and fixtures. My tub surround and faucets are all a polished brass, I painted my tub black and the feet to follow suit, and I fell in love with the hex tiles on the floor against the marble subways on the walls. I even like the primitive stool!  
My plan is somewhat of a planked, nautical, farmhouse feel. I plan on having a few plants in here and I want all of the details to feel like they belong and not that some contractor ran over to Home Depot and installed what he found on sale. I ordered the light fixture and mirror for over the sink from Restoration Hardware. I know, it’s a splurge, but whenever they’re having 20% off of the sale items sort of sale…I take advantage of that. The hex towel ring is from Urban Outfitters and the pendant light is from Home Decorators. I decided that I love planked walls so much, the remaining walls in the bathroom that aren’t tiled will be planked. I ordered all of my faucets and fixtures from :)
A few weeks ago, I purchased this brassy gold etagere from my friend, ModFruGal and plan on putting it in the bathroom across from the toilet to house towels, etc. 
As for the renovations, the bathroom has been the room that has transformed the most out of all the rooms in the house. We’ve torn all sorts of walls down and built new walls in the process. Originally, the master bathroom and closet were in this little hallway that separated master bedroom from the guest bedroom. We decided to close this hallway off and make the hallway part of the bathroom. 
view from the master
The master closet will eventually be turned into a bathroom that can be entered from the living room/guest room, so we went ahead and planned for a pocket door installation so that can be as easy of a transition as possible. This also makes my master closet much larger and I’m okay with that :)

view from the guest room

I had planned on using a claw foot tub that I had sitting behind my house in the new bathroom, but when we started demolition…we found one built into the surround! Again…WHY did these people cover up all the goodness of this home?!

I’m basically a photoshop genius.

When we pulled the tub out of the bathroom…the inside was in great shape, but the outside needed some help. So I did a layer of Rustoleum’s Rust Reformer before sponge-rolling on the black paint.

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