project moore ave: the kitchen!

When we started this renovation…the kitchen wasn’t even on our radar. In fact, the kitchen was the only room that I told myself I was fine with…for now. It had a sweet, retro vibe and was something I could work with for a little bit. I found it adorable.

Even after the previous owners moved out, I made the decision that the only upgrades I’d make to the kitchen would be to remove the dropped ceilings and paint that nasty blue paneling. Those cabinets are metal and awesome!
But, as we started tearing walls down…I kept thinking about opening the space up even more. That dining room wall coming down literally and figuratively opened up doors that couldn’t be closed. I took a look at the layout of the kitchen and thought it would so simple to remove the cabinets from the wall and tear down the dividing kitchen wall. What was simply a thought…quickly turned into an action. That wall came down fast…within a few hours!
The madness!!! Although it was risky…this has been our best decision yet. Luckily, all of the hardwoods have run completely under the walls we’ve torn down. Now, we have a wide open space to house the living/dining/and cooking sections of our home.

Our next steps are to sheet rock the kitchen and come up with a shelving/countertop scenario that will work in this space. I’m personally against traditional cabinetry and am aiming for a kitchen design that’s almost haphazardly put together…but just WORKS. In order to make that happen, we’ll be purchasing the stoves [gas and wood burning], fridge, and dishwasher and build out the counters. For more project moore posts, click HERE. Inspiration photos below…

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