project moore: living room

The previous owners of Moore kept the living room very cavernous and dark. The blinds were always closed although it seems to be where they spent most of their time. In fact, I had to ask them if I could open the blinds/curtains to take these before shots. Weirdos.

The dining room was left empty of all furniture and was strictly used for housing their dogs. Although the dogs were sweet and adorable. They smelled terrible and slept on a baby crib mattress with holes in it. I’m not really sure whyyyyyy these decisions were made :(

Just like the parlor, we ripped out the ceiling tiles and also took down the wall separating the living room from the dining room. This was DEFINITELY the best decision we’ve made yet. It opened up the house so so much. Someday when we have enough room in the budget to renovate the kitchen, I plan on knocking down that wall as well. The more open the better!

The house has no central air or heat…but 3 of the rooms have these gas-powered heaters that are inserted into the floor. They are heavy-duty and keep the house super warm, but they’re very hot to the touch and we’re hoping to actually install a more modern heating/cooling solution. Today we ripped two out and are keeping this one in the living room for now. Otherwise, we’d freeze to death!

When the wall came down between the living room we encountered a small hiccup because the wainscoting in the dining room stopped and regular baseboards began in the living room. We don’t have the budget to remove one or the other, so we simply painted it all white and came up with a solution cover up the transition. Columns! 

We headed over to Preservation Station and selected these gorgeous, square 9 foot columns and will anchor them on each wall where the transition from the wainscoting to the baseboards occur. I’m pretty excited about it. 
Finally…sheet rock. This room is really coming along :)

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