parachute tales

When I was getting married almost 3 years ago, I remember pinning this image and felt determined to replicate it for my wedding. This couple apparently rented the parachute for $35 and had lights strung above it for the effect. Unfortunately, there were no vintage parachutes to be found in Nashville, so I went with typical chandelier route.

Almost three years later…I was at The City Farmhouse Pop Up Sale [just a few weeks ago!] and someone had used one in an installation on a ceiling. I begged the dealer to sell, but she couldn’t part with it [which I totally understand…I wouldn’t have parted with it either]. 
here’s my one, post-mimosa shoddy photo of her installation
Needless to say this made me one even more…so I scoured Etsy and hit the jackpot. You better believe we played with it for a bit…

It is GIGANTIC. My plans are to soak it in some OXYCLEAN asap and figure out how/where I’ll hang this sucker. Color me excited. Some Pinterest inspiration…

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