project moore: parlor and master

I’ve held off on showing these original photos because you just can’t see the potential of the house as well as you could if you were actually walking through it. Not to mention, the only photos I had were ones with the previous owners furnitures still in the space and that takes away from things, in my opinion. Now that their stuff is cleared out and we’ve already ripped out the ceilings and started to apply sheetrock, things are looking up and I’m feeling a bit more open to share.

The first room that you enter [aside from the foyer — uhhhh yeah I have a foyer! more on that later!] is the parlor. This was the only room in the house that didn’t have the ceilings dropped back in the 70s and, ultimately, is what sold me on this house. This room made me see the potential this house had and the high ceilings made it seem so monster-sized. I was sold sold sold. Sadly, the previous owner solely used this room for storage.

We had our guy complete re-sheet rock this entire room and are having it painted solid white this week. I wanted to have the entire house painted white [floors and walls] but now I’m seeing how pretty the floors could be…so I’m thinking of limiting my all-white plan solely to this room. I’m also  thinking about hanging the parachute in here…maybe. Projects to come – replacing the tile surround on the fireplace and painting the mantle black for contrast.

This is the picture of the transom windows that lead from the foyer into the parlor. Whyyyyy all of the transom windows in this home were either painted over or covered-up is beyond me. I’m assuming the previous owner’s goal was to hide all of the pretty parts? Wait until you see how they hid the claw foot tub in the bathroom :(

Directly behind the parlor is the master bedroom. You can enter into the master from either the parlor or the living room.  The previous owner had this door bolted shut and painted a weird nursery stripe in the corner with the creepy mommy/daddy painted footprints on the floor. Eep.

Obviously the first thing we did was remove the ceilings from alll of the rooms in the house. Ryan did them all by himself and it saved us a bunch of $$$ that we can put towards other not-so-DIY types of tasks. The transformation in each room by just taking this step was tremendous.

After those were out, we decided to have some fun and demo-ed the closet wall on the opposite side of the room. This was probably the best day so far because we were surprised by two things: 1) that the brown doors located in the wall were an old wardrobe that they simply built a wall around.  2) there was a hidden fireplace underneath the wardrobe. As it turns out, it originally shared the chimney  with the fireplace in the parlor…but they filled it with concrete [of course!]. We’re hoping to eventually get that outta there.

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