chinoiserie sofa facelift

So I accidentally scheduled this blog post to go live TODAY instead of tomorrow…and wasn’t finished. So those of you that read it today…sorry for all the shenanigans. Also, I’m not 100% finished with the sofa…which leaves this transformation a bit anti-climactic. But, you can at least see where I’m headed….


My mother and I purchased this 3 piece chinoiserie-style sofa years ago when we were perusing an antique mall and saw that it was horribly mis-priced. It had two accompanying chairs [which we sold almost immediately], so the price for the set was too good to pass up. The sofa was in terrible shape and and needed new webbing and a major paint job. However, we lazily put it in the booth as-is in hopes that someone could see the potential we saw and make some MAGIC.

Unfortunately, no immediate magic was made and the sofa sat for months…taking up major real estate in my booth that could be utilized otherwise. Needless to say, in September, I pulled it and took matters into my own hands. I started off by researching tools for tack-pulling and webbing stretching. The tacks were scary old and rusted…sooo I wanted something that could help me do this safely and quickly. 
I found and purchased a few different options. I love this upholstery tack puller from C.S. Osborne and Company. Alllllll of their tools are so very aesthetically pleasing in addition to being truly functional. I love the wooden handles. 

While pulling off all of that hunter green webbing…I became inspired by the color and thought it would go well with the upholstered cushions [which I decided to keep but more on that later]. The wood on this sofa was superdy duper chipped so I also wanted a darker color that I could apply layer upon the layer. I had thought about a high gloss or even a lacquer would be pretty, but I opted for a more flat/matte option and love how it turned out. 
I discovered the Critter from this post by Jenny Komenda from a while ago. It’s been sitting with my paint supplies un-used forever and I could not WAIT to try it out on this sofa. I love how you can store paint in mason jars and any will fit with the gun.

The Critter applied the paint so evenly and perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better tool. Highly recommend!

Next, I needed to apply new webbing to support an average sized adult. After reviewing a few different blogs and amazon reviews, I opted for the C.S. Osborne Company gooseneck webbing stretcher. HOLY CRAP does this guy save a ton of time and energy.

The best news about this sofa update is that it didn’t need new cushion covers. They were/are in excellent condition and almost a light pearly pink velvet. I couldn’t wait to see it up against the flat green paint.

If you’re interested in purchasing the sofa, email me at — final picture will be posted soon. Thanks!!

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