a lampshade of epic proportions

A few weeks ago, I attended the City Farmhouse Pop Up Sale in Franklin. It was right after we made an offer on our new house [!!!],  so I knew I had to buy something! What I didn’t know…was that it would be this 4 foot brass, table lamp. I just had to have it.

Although in this photo it looks like a regular lamp…it’s almost 4 feet tall and in need of a lampshade equivalent.

Because I deal antiques, I assumed finding a lampshade large enough would be no problem…but I’ve had some trouble! I even had a few at the house that I thought would work…and they were entirely too small. Also searching on Craigslist, Etsy, and local antique shops…has left me empty-handed. Needless to say, if anyone happens to come across a lampshade the size of a small child, let me know! 

I’m needing something…around 20 inches – 2 feet wide. As for height…the sky is the limit!! 

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