city farmhouse pop up

When you visit Franklin, TN, it’s like stepping into a different world or, even, another time. I often compare it to its Gilmore Girls’ counterpart – Stars Hollow. It’s that cute. They even have town meetings. Sooooo…it goes without saying that the antique stores are obviously abundant and obviously, these people know what they’re doing.  Furthermore, Kim Leggett, owner of my favorite Franklin antique store, City Farmhouse, really knows what she’s doing.

This past weekend, I attended their Pop-Up Show and left incredibly inspired and maybeeeee with a minor hole in my pocket. Imagine a gathering of antique dealers from all over; setting up shop for an entire weekend. A flea market…without the junk. I bought a gigantic, brass table lamp, some vintage wooden spoons, and some longjohns from my new favorite, Stash Style. She definitely won for best booth in my eyes…the teepee :) I also loved P.L.Greene’s Hudson Bay coats, necklaces from Renewed Heirlooms, and my Piper and Leaf tea that I drank while perusing the booths. 

My friend, Sarah, of Social Marmalade spearheaded a team of creative collaborators that turned the Buddy Killen mansion into an artistic design showcase called Folk & Folly. This southern gothic fantasyland featured local talent [including interior designers, artists, photographers, etc].  It was VERY inspiring and I was truly blown away by the amount of work that went into each installation. Below is a photo of Jacklyn Caveny’s space featuring this gorgeous bed of roses. I loved how each designer brought foliage into their interior space.

Here are a few of my favorite antique shops in Franklin:

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