nashville: two spoons

Two Spoons is a new small-event catering company owned by my dear friend, Matthew Mosshart. I met Matthew when we both lived in NYC and he quickly became my partner in crime. We played a LOT of pool. Matt attended culinary school and specialized in vegan/vegetarian cuisine. He worked at a variety of restaurants and was also the night baker at Babycakes. So, so, so good.

This past year, he THANKFULLY moved to Nashville and it has been spectacular having him around. By day, Matthew cooks at one of Nashville’s most-talked about restaurants, the the James Beard-nominated Pinewood Social [you maybe have seen their iconic bowling alley on someone’s instagram feed a time or two…]. By night, he’s catering chef extraordinaire.
Needless to say, if you’re in need of a small-batch catering service, look no further than Two Spoons. You can find pretty food pics on his instagram feed

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