postcards: 30 hours in NYC

Last week, I turned thirty. And although it wasn’t some drastic, monumental change in my life, my parents thought as such. Luckily for me, they surprised me with a very quick trip to NYC. My dad had business meetings, so my mother and I were simply added to the agenda. No arguments here!

It’s hard to believe that my year in NYC was over five years ago. Never has a place on earth had more of a pull on me than this city. I belong there…almost as if I’d never left. Because New York is ever-changing…there are always new places to eat and shop…and I’m constantly making lists for my next visit. Funnily enough, I always end up squeezing a few favorites back in the mix…it’s like visiting old friends. I can’t help it.

Because we only had 30 hours…I focused mainly on the food. We arrived on Monday morning, checked into The Hudson Hotel and immediately headed downtown. I wanted my parents to experience Jack’s Wife Freda and all of its goodness. It’s one of my favorite breakfast spots in the city. After breakfast, my dad headed back uptown and my mother and I wandered thru soho. We stopped at The Dutch for a quick snack [lobster!] and kept wandering West. We ended up in the heart of the West Village [my old stomping grounds] and stopped for a Croque Madam at Buvette before finishing up our walk on Bleecker. I’d say we ate ourselves through downtown. But we weren’t done…

That evening, we headed back downtown and had dinner at Freeman’s — my favorite restaurant owned by Freeman’s Sporting Club. Its hidden location is the best part – situated at the end of a tiny alley on Rivington between The Bowery and Chrystie.  The only clue of its existence are the tiny string lights above the door…barely visible at the end of the long alley.  Inside, the taxidermy and soft lighting makes for the most romantic spot of all. Ryan and I had dinner there last December and it’s still something I think about often. Dreamy.
The next morning, we ate really quick at Hudson Common and strolled through the park to shop around the UES for a bit. I bought some coffee from the most adorable green Ralph Lauren coffee truck aptly named Ralph’s.  I wanted to drive it back to Nashville. It was TINY. Afterwards, we headed to Brooklyn for some lunch and shopping before heading to the airport. Thank you, Johnny and Lynny, for a special 30th :)
Hudson Common
Derek Lam on Madison
The Library at The Hudson Hotel
Ralph’s Coffee Truck
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