craigslist findings

It’s no secret that Nashville’s craigslist is a complete joke. Almost everything is extremely over-priced and some listings labeled “vintage” or “antique” are NOT. It’s frustrating when so many other surrounding cities seem to have amazing finds. Needless to say, when I surprisingly hit the jackpot times TWO…I felt inclined to share.

Firstly…I purchased this Russell Woodard Sculptura set. Two settees, two chairs, and two tables. I’m planning to paint the entire set white [duh] and sell a few pieces in my booth. If you’re interested, feel free to email me. I’m definitely keeping at least one settee…maybe a chair. Ahhhhhh.

Secondly…I’ve had this 1970s Pierre Cardin sofa saved in an open tab FOR WEEKS. They mentioned in the posting that they had moved and didn’t have room for it, so I felt like there was a need for them to get rid of it quickly. Finally, I mustered up the courage to reach out to the seller and let them know that while I had nothing close to what they were asking…if she was desperate, I’d pay the price I had in my head. This act of courage paid off…and she sold it to me! Not only that, but she was maybe the nicest, most stylish person I’ve met in a craigslist transaction.

oh my…pierre paired with russell? they play well together :)

It is truly the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat on in my life and in excellent condition. I hope to, someday, float it in a room so the back can be viewed as much as the front. For now, it’s in the Rare Assembly office and will be sat on daily. I am willing to admit that I have a sofa problem. Welcome to Pleasant Valley, Pierre :)

Team Rare Assembly approves.

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