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I was recently out in Franklin looking for last-minute pieces for the llama shower when I decided to pop into my favorite of favorites…City Farmhouse. They always have random, perfect pieces and their inventory is updated so very regularly. On this particular trip, I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but I turned a corner and squealed like a child when I saw this vintage lab cabinet.

What originally caught my eye was the size…I’d never see one with these dimensions. Secondly, was the price. I thought the price was reasonable and Kim even brought it down more than that + delivery! It had to come home with me.

My family and friends always joke about the furniture to space ratio of my home. Being an antique dealer, I buy and, often times, keep pieces in my home for a while before selling. Needless to say, when they delivered the cabinet and it wouldn’t fit down the hall to the space I had intended for it…I panicked.

I decided that the cabinet would be perfect for holding all of my serving pieces and also work as a great display and LIGHT [it lights up!] for the dining room. It’ solid metal/glass and is such a conversation piece.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to let it go :)

I packed it full of my glassware and serving pieces and I love how they’re “specimens” in the dining room.

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