paper products CLEARLY aren’t my thing

Without overly treading into possibly tricky waters, I’d like to touch on recent happenings that were, welllll…stupid. I think it’s important to share the occasional, not-so-awesome circumstance in addition to the really awesome ones. Attempts at constant perfection seem disingenuous and for that reason, I have no trouble admitting that last Friday, I chose to end my extremely short-lived role at Hester & Cook.  What seemed like a fresh, new, fast-paced opportunity…turned out to be nothing of the sort.

One of my greatest flaws is my ability to set up outrageous, unrealistic expectations for just about everything. I think it’s an independence sort of thing? I expect people to act how I would act and then, when they don’t, I’m massively disappointed. It’s silly because I know it’s coming and I do it anyway.

Needless to say, I took the job with a “hit-the-ground-running” attitude – a trait commonly embraced by most supervisors, yes? No, in this case, my ideas and strategies were met with territorial halts and constant approval requirements. It was both mentally exhausting, frustrating and, most certainly, wasn’t a friendly environment.

After turning in my resignation, I waited for the guilt and/or embarrassment to kick in. Fortunately, those feelings never showed up and instead, I felt immediate relief. The job just, simply, wasn’t for me and definitely not what I signed up for.

On a more positive note, I did get this awesomely large cow head with my employee discount before my abrupt departure. My siblings and I gave it to Lynny for Mothers Day on Sunday. It’s gigantic and awesome.

Moving forward, I’m now focusing all of my energy and efforts on my long-term projects: Rare Assembly [website and identity design/development – website coming soon!] and The House [online prop shop – website coming soon!]…and obviously my antique booth. 2014, you haven’t got me down just yet…I’m going to make you great, I swear it.

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