estate sale leftovers

The estate sale this past weekend went surprisingly well considering the competition we had with two giant neighborhood sales, etc. I sold my CB2 sofa to a sweet family with three little girls – they were going to put it in their playroom and that makes me happy. If anyone is interested in a 2BR/2Bath condo in the Brentwood/Franklin area [literally on the line], email rlong[at]villagerealestate[dot]com and he can give you more info on that :)

Below are a few items that are left over…come one, come all!
coffee table
arched shelving unit
pineapple cane goodness
2/4 of the anthro curtains still remain!
this is called a wig dresser or a hat dresser?
you apparently kept wigs or hats in that compartment on the right…

email me for prices, etc! jordan[at]hotchildstudio[dot]com

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