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Professionally, 2014 started out not so neato and I spent a few months wondering what I was going to attempt next. However, April has been brought anything but showers and everything seems to be falling into place. I’m busy – and being busy means I’m happy. The reasoning? Well, I took a job at a local company [I start Monday!], I co-started two companies with two truly awesome friends, and I also made a few changes in the wonderful world of antiques…

First off, I took a job at Hester & Cook – a local design company that specializes in kitchen papers and other hand-made goods. I can hopefully put my skills to good use and bring some of my antique knowledge into the mix. This job is right up my alley and I am beyond excited. I start Monday! More on this soon…
The House is an online prop shop that I co-own and curate with my friend Rebecca Neenan. She’s a brilliant wardrobe stylist and knows what it takes to make photoshoots look lovely. We joined forces because we thought combining our worlds would create quite a collection of curiosities. Our site will be launched soon, but feel free to follow us on instagram @thehousenashville to keep up with us. Above is a photo from our recent photoshoot for the website :) 

When JLB was no longer an option for me, I decided to reach out to my work bestie, Micah Jones and, together, we started up something even better than what we had previously.  In collaboration with our brainchild developer, Alex, we formed Rare Assembly. We specialize in branding/logos and designing and developing websites. Our website is also currently under construction, but follow us on instagram @rareassemblyco to keep up with our progress. If you’re in need of our services email me: jordan[at]rareassembly[dot]co  [not dot com – that website is NOT our website].

Finally, as you already know, I’m an antique dealer. It’s just something that I’ll just never be able to give up. It’s part of me now and something I enjoy more than most things. I love the story behind old things. I love thinking of the lives that those items may have had before they fell into my hands. I love the craftsmanship that used to come with everyday objects that are now simply made with plastic. Going on hunts and finding special pieces to sell is so important to me. Not only that, but it’s also time spent with my sweet mother.

Over the past few months, our Gaslamp booth has suffered due to the high rent prices and ridiculous commissions and extra fees taken from our sales. Therefore, yesterday, I sadly closed The Burlap Rabbit at Gaslamp for good. Now, we’re solely located at The Downtown Antique Mall on 8th Ave. Gaslamp had turned too decorator-y and less about the antiques. That’s why I love the vibe of the Downtown Mall – strictly antiques, nothing else. To be cohesive,  I have changed the booth name to Hot Child Studio so it goes along with this blog.  Follow me on instagram @hotchildstudio for antique goodness, travel, and occasional kitty pics :)

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