Reading various design blogs…I tend to see the same trends over and over again. Some of these said “trends” [I hate that word] have started to annoy me. However, some, I’ll never grow tired of. These are my highs…

And not to end on a negative note…but maybe we should let the below items go for a while? They’re all over the place…especially the chalk paint [dear lord, make it stop]. Sometimes I wonder if things become trends because people feel as though they should like them rather than actually ever liking them at all.  Here are my lows…

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  1. I know what you mean. Honestly, I think as people obsessed with blogs and Pinterest and interior stuff in general, we're bombarded by all these "trends," but the general public still thinks they're fresh and new. I still have a thing for malachite (the real deal) but all the iterations of it are getting old. Don't even get me started on chalk paint. Uggh. But as a mother I will say that poufs are beloved by children and therefore I think in playrooms and bedrooms they're ok. Just not in a main living space.

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