cabin fever

The cold weather has taken a toll on my attempts to move antiques and/or build things. I have so many fun projects in the works…and they all require being outside. Although the weather has taken a small turn for the better,  I’ve used that time to start filling my booths back up. Perhaps today, I’ll get out there and complete a few ideas…

While visiting my friends in Jackson, I stumbled across this store called At West End [AWE]. 
I ended up purchasing the anchor rug for my front porch. They had a few other goodies that I would have liked to have had as well. Luckily, they have a website AND a catalog.

Of course during the cold, I played the re-arranging game. Let’s be honest, I play it rain or shine. 
The lady that originally sold me this yellow tufted chair, called and let me know that she was ready to sell me the other one. Done and done. I decided that although I’m not ready to have a full-blown dining room set-up again, I could make do with a little breakfast nook-y area. I used the table/bench that was in my living room and moved it in here with the chairs facing in.

I sent the pictures to Ryan and he said he’d prefer them facing out.
And would you look at that…I agree.
I also hung a frame around my nest/alarm system…which I like a lot.
It reminds me of the frame they had around the peep hole on Friends.

The majority of my family is on Spring Break…my mom sent me a picture of the artwork in her room. Ladies doing breaststroke…I’m hoping she steals it. 
However, the odds of that happening are slim to none. I suppose I’ll have to copy it. 
Or really, I’ll have my friend, Elly copy it. She makes really cute things.
…like this adorable Thank You card she sent me from her baby shower. 
I’m looking to buy an old, beat-up truck [with charm/aesthetic] and almost bought this rare jeep j10…almost. Unfortunately, it had too much cosmetic fixes [missing tailgate, needing a new dash, etc] and it was a stick. Me no drive stick well :(

almost died when I saw this buffet with mother of pearl inlaid…

 I almost died when I saw the price too :(
We recently moved my grandmother to an assisted living and she gave me this little primitive table. I put it in my living room where the table/bench [now in my dining room] used to be. I love the little bead board shelf underneath :)

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