w h i t e s a n d s

Back in October, Billy and I attended a wedding in Andalusia, Alabama [you may remember the post here]. While he tended to groomsman duties, my friend Colin and I went picking around town and found a few exceptional antique spots. In a random barn, I found a basket of photos with one special photo in particular that I ended up purchasing. It’s a scene of a couple running on what appears to be a desert. On the back, scrawled in antique cursive: “White Sands”.

I knew I was always going to blow it up and frame it and, this week, it finally happened. I had it done at Kinkos and the lady that assisted me was equally as excited about this project as I was. We went with 24×36 because, well, I like things oversized. She did a really good job of making sure the actual people came out as clear as possible. I love that you can see her checkered dress and his striped shirt amongst all of the white.

Next was how I’d frame it. I remembered this DIY that Jenny from Little Green Notebook did a while back and wanted to do something along the same lines. I liked the idea of using two pieces of plexiglass with the poster sandwiched between them. I thought maybe using gold hardware for the corners. I even found a local hardware store that would cut the plexiglass to size. The problem was that he warned me that drilling into the glass could cause it to crack…and I just don’t have time/$$ for that! Therefore, I went with this simple, white frame. I am so, so happy with how this project turned out.

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