This past weekend, my father and I continued our tradition of attending the annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention at the Opryland Hotel. Growing up with such an outdoorsy father, it’s a pretty fun place to be. Lots of guns, lots of turkey calls, and lots of camp… not to mention the people watching is absurd.  I generally come to hang out with my dad and for the snacks [beef jerky samples and dip mixes] and the occasional craftsman finds. This year did not disappoint.

I stocked up on my favorite Louisiana dip mixes: All of Us

Purchased matching hand-carved scrimshaw knives for me and Billy. They’re gorgeous.

Participated in beef jerky tastings…and purchases! Double K Beef Jerky

Finally, the best part of the day was stumbling upon this booth.
I’ve had this image in mind for a while now…
Here’s my new friend at his new home.  Happy Valentines Day!

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