super baby shower – pow!

This past Saturday, my friend, Carlye, and I threw my friend Rachel a super hero baby shower. The father is a comic book nerd and since Everett is a boy, we though it would be a fun/challenging theme to attempt. To sweeten it up, almost instantly, we chose a pastel color scheme: toned-down colors of blue, yellow, and red [we went with peach instead of pink].
We created a Gotham City out of boxes, wrapping paper and card stock. We kind-of purposefully, cut out the windows and glued them on a bit haphazardly. I think it makes it look more child-like and crafty – which was our goal. No reason to take ourselves too seriously here…it’s a cardboard city centerpiece. And let’s be honest, gluing all those tiny windows on would have been hell if we were going for perfection here.

We made the garland out of felt masks that we hand-cut [also time-consuming, but so cute] – don’t worry, there was a DVR involved. We also hung the masks from the bottom of the balloons to carry the mask theme into the living room where she opened presents. 

My friend Ashley is my go-to gal for baked goods. I love how these cookies turned out. Pow!

It isn’t a baby shower without some monograms

…it also isn’t a baby shower without a Photo Booth, right?

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