postcards: The Hudson Hotel

This past weekend, we headed back up to NYC to visit friends and shop for the holidays. When I lived in NY, I lived downtown in the West Village. Because of this,  I never really explored uptown unless I was heading to the park [as a TN girl, I needed to occasionally be near nature]. Needless to say, I made it a point to stay uptown on this particular visit.

I’ve been using Tablet to book our hotels for travel and love the site so much. Tablet recommended The Hudson Hotel…and we were NOT disappointed. Located on 58th street between 8th and 9th, we were one block from most of the subways and Central Park. It was perfect for getting downtown quickly but enjoying all that uptown has to offer.

this was the check in desk…
our tiny room. i loved it.

there was an outside area called the hudson loft…it had two bars and lots of furry pillows. 

yes, please.

For more information: THE HUDSON HOTEL

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