antique happenings and such

Because of my full-time job…my other favorite jobs [re-purposing furniture and slangin’ antiques] get put on hold. This past weekend, we finally rented a u-haul, loaded all of the items we’ve been hoarding in our garages, and got it all in our booths: Gaslamp Antiques B319, The Burlap Rabbit and Downtown Antique Mall B319, merMADE findings :)

Also this past weekend, Katie and I went to a moving sale for one of my favorite local gals, Gen. Her house [which she sold, wahhh!!!] is my DREAM house. I’ve posted it on instagram a few times…here’s a photo:

Needless to say, it was exciting to go shop her stuff. I ended up with a few good pieces for both booths AND a table for my house [I just can’t resell it]. Not only is the table top, itself very impressive, but the base is awesome too. My apologies for the piss poor lighting in my house. It’s cavernous, I tell you.

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