woodsy christmas

This past Sunday I was experiencing what only can be described as cabin fever and headed to TJ to spend a gift card I had been saving for a day such as this. I a bunch of clothing and boots in my basket, but when I reached the christmas decor section…the clothing and boots were discarded and in came the Christmas decor.

Keeping things simple this year, I opted for this birchbark snowflake [I’ve never seen anything like it]. It’s fairly large and, aside from lights, will be the focal point on my front porch.

It’s going to take some bending, but it’s made from folded birch bark with wire threaded through. Whoever made this had to have had some patience…the details are amazing.
I also bought some driftwood garland… 

If that isn’t adult [buying Christmas decor in October], I don’t know what is. 

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