despicable me MINION COSTUMES

This past weekend, we decided last-minute that we were going to see a 90’s cover band naturally called “My So-called Band”. It was a Halloween concert, so costumes were necessary. I scoured the internet and saw a lot of DIYs for Minions from the Movie Despicable Me. It seems pretty straightforward AND adorable…so I immediately searched for yellow beanies and found them for a $1 at Walmart! Fortunately, this is where I found ALL of the necessary items to make this costume a reality.

The only thing I did differently was I purchased some steampunk goggles at Performance Studios, here, in Nashville. It is literally down the street from me and since we were working on a time crunch, I knew they’d have something that would work. If you’re hoping to make your own goggles, I suggest mason jar tops [color the eyes underneath the lid] and some black elastic.

The only “DIY” part to this costume was threading the pipe cleaners through the beanies to make hair…it was really fun. As you can see, I had overall shorts and some yellow tights laying around, so I decided to wear those as opposed to buying giant men’s overalls. It was my “smurfette” take on the minions. We went as a group and received lots of compliments.

Speaking of minions…check out these adorable cupcakes from A Merry Mishap that she did for her son’s birthday a while back. The whole party was pretty adorable. HERE is the entire post.

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