the white house

For so long I focused on the interior of our home and not so much on the outside. For almost 7 years, our house has been a mint green color with a nasty striped awning and this week we finally decided to take the plunge and paint the house white. I’m excited to see the contrast of the white with the barnwood we installed on the front porch earlier this year.

Some minor adjustments we’ve made along the way [as illustrated in the below photo by my insane photoshop skills]: removed the railing and tile from the front porch, removed the awning, removed the green shutters, added more mulch/landscaping, replaced the roof and gutters [the gutters are now black], removed that horrible japanese maple blocking the view of the house.

bye, bye tile. look at that nasty white siding :(
see ya!!!
just beautiful under there…
bead board ceiling goes up!
new landscaping…

added some grass to slope the beds

 it’s barnwood time.

 good lord, that awning makes me want to cry. so ugly :(
we purchased this from world market and it has turned out to be our favorite spot.

only did we recently decide on a light fixture…

bye bye, awning. so so happy about that.

This is a good view of how the japanese maple is no longer in our lives
[I know they’re expensive or whatever. I hate them…they look like poison ivy.]
now for the paint. we polled the audiences and although a lot of people were partial to the antique white, we were worried that it would look too yellow and opted for the white duck. 

and we are so happy we did…

please refer to pleasant valley as the white house moving forward…

goodbye mint green :) I’ll post more pics tomorrow once they finish the front.
next up? functioning barnwood shutters. 

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