postcards: Andalusia, Alabama

One of our friends got married this past weekend and it was located in DEEP Alabama: Andalusia. While were THRILLED that Tyler was marrying, probably, the best girl of all time [she is lovely], we were skeptical about Andalusia [call us snobs]. However, upon arrival, I nearly had a heart attack at the site of The Hickory Ridge Lodge, our accomodations for the weekend. 

The Gantt’s, who also own The Cattle House Bed & Breakfast AND Sweet Gum Bottom Antiques, built the lodge in 2002 with the existing wood from trees on the property. She hired a portable saw mill and had all the wood cut on-site. I was blown away by the homeliness and feel this place had…and since they’re also antique dealers, the decor was adorable. Absolute heaven.

Our room opened up into the main dining room, which is where the rehearsal dinner was held. I literally had to get ready and walk out of my bedroom and was at the rehearsal dinner. Doesn’t get easier than that!

only thing about the hickory lodge/southern alabama that I’m NOT okay with. at all.
While Ryan was tending to groomsmen duties, my friend Colin and I explored Andalusia in all of its small-town glory. The first place we went was to Davis Lane Antiques, where we picked up a hand-drawn town map that guided us on the rest of our adventures.
 doesn’t get cuter than this, you guys…
After Davis Lane, we went to Sweet Gum which was RIGHT next door to the lodge [owned by the Gantts]. They had an entire shop + a gorgeous barn filled with furniture and treasures. I ended up only purchasing a few pieces of ephemera and a few old photos – including a 1973 map of manhattan and an old photo of a couple in white sands [which I plan on framing].

I’m so in love with this photograph. Should I blow it up and frame it?

 Andalusia also has an original Dairy Queen…which was adorable and photo-worthy. 

gorgeous ceremony, amazing weekend. Andalusia, you were fantastic.

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