Although my house typically looks like Halloween exploded on it…this year I decided to keep things [rather] simple and opted for a halloween tree. I purchased this tree at Target for $40. I know you’re thinking I could have easily made this on my own and you’re right…but the pliable limbs are what sold me. It’s completed covered in glitter which would have been a SUPER messy DIY and the limbs can be moved around without breaking which is awesome. I can keep this tree for years to come.

It resides in my dining room which has the worst lighting in the entire house…so I moved it outside to photograph it…it looks nice up against that wooden wall.

I bought this new girl at Pangea this year. The pumpkin is from Obelisk from a few years ago.

another Obelisk purchase this year…he’s my new favorite.
I made these last year and sold a few in my booth. so so easy.

this cat is from Pangea
tree topper from Obelisk last year [she was in the sale section for $7!]

lynny bought my this sugar skull for my birthday :)
front porch simplified

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