postcards: Interlaken, Switzerland

After Paris, we rode the Lyria from Paris to Basel and then immediately from Basel to Interlaken. Ryan had traveled here in the past and said it was one of his favorite places. The first night we stayed at Hotel Rossli followed by a night in Mattenhof Resort’s hostel adorably named Funny Farm. I ended up liking the hostel more than the hotel…it was a beautiful old building with so much character. The pool had a giant bullseye painted in the bottom and a slide constructed out of a tarp and a few 2x4s…it was interesting and I most definitely wasn’t going down it.

We rented these weird platform, electric bikes and rode them around the lake. The water was the craziest color of blue I’ve ever seen. After that, we rode actual bikes to another town with a resort called Neuhaus and had lunch by the lake. It was a highlight of Switzerland for me.

On our way out, we rented a car and drove over the Swiss Alps into Italy. This could have quite possibly been one of the best decisions of this entire trip. The Susten pass was TERRIFYING and breathtaking. At one point we were higher than the clouds. 

a map of italy…in swiss. no problem.

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