John Pearson: Le Petit Prince

This past weekend, we celebrated my best friend’s soon-to-be baby boy, John Pearson. I chose Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince as a theme and RAN with it. First, the invitations. Working at a graphic and web design firm has its benefits. I had my creative director make this invite by simply scanning in the book. I could not be happier with it.

The image on the back of the invite is what inspired me for the cake. I knew we could recreate the birds and suspend them using fishing wire…now all I had to do was find a Le Petit Prince figurine.

I searched online EVERYWHERE for a figurine to use as the cake topper. I came up with nothing. Then, while wandering around in Barcelona, Ryan and I walked past a comic book shop and in the window was this little guy…it was FATE, I tell you.
We had my friend Ashley create this little planet cake and used twine to connect the paper birdies to the prince.

We kept the decor simple and along the same yellow/blue color palette. I love those pearly balloons.

 my friend, jessica, has really really good handwriting. 

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