peacock inspiration

I’ve wanted a peacock chair for a while now and when I spotted one at the flea this past weekend at a very low price, I leapt at the opportunity. 
I’ve gone back and forth about painting it and I think I would keep it as-is if it wasn’t such a light color and more like the chair above. But because I’m not a fan of the blonde color of mine, I’m going to opt for the paint route. All color suggestions gladly accepted.
Bri from DesignLoveFest recently did a DIY involving a peacock chair [photo above]…it’s quite adorable.  See the whole DIY here.

I’ve always adored this photo. 
It would be cute for a prop shop to have a few like this in several colors for shoots.

I also love the idea of using it as a functional desk chair. These chairs, so often – and rightly so, are used as statement chairs. Often seen in a corner and used in a decorative fashion. I like the idea of actually using it regularly.
I’ve seen all the colors a girl can see…and I’m feeling black the most. Shocker.
I recently won a rocker version of this iron peacock in auction and she’s currently residing in our booth at Gaslamp [B319] – someone should snag her ASAP. She’s a beaut.
Red is my best friend but I’ve got to let her go. she’s taking over my life.

This is quite striking…but no.

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