This past weekend we attended the monthly flea…as we do. Below are a set of french bocce balls that caught my eye last month and this month. I grew up playing bocce on the beach with my family. The case is beautiful and the balls have a great weight to them. My only concern was that only two people could play…what is the fun in that? I passed this month, but if they’re there again, I’ll consider the purchase. They’d be pretty to set out somewhere.

Also in this booth were these old darts. They were made with actual feathers and were beautiful. Also, a pass. Maybe next time?
What I did end up purchasing was this peacock chair. I have loved the shape of them for a while now. Many opt not to paint…but paint is what the doctor ordered. Also a leather seat would be nice.
Bought this hook for $10 and plan hanging it with an old pendant lamp…maybe by the bedside?
Finally, I purchased these old feed sacks to make pillows for the front porch daybed. They’re really soft and worn-in which will be perfect. I’m thinking I’ll just fill them with a king-sized bed pillow and sew up the end. More to come on this…

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