Kloset ze Kitty

I think one of the most stressful things with having the kitties if finding them a spot in our house that won’t interfere with guests or the dogs. I am a neat freak, so I never want our home to appear [or smell!] as though we have animals crawling all over the place! For a few weeks, the guest bathroom was their home, but knowing I had a work dinner coming up, I had a to come up with something a bit more permanent that didn’t involve the only bathroom accessible to guests. Like a lightbulb…I decided on this hall closet across from the puppy room.

Hear me out before you look at this photo and immediately decide this space is too small…
Kitties need transition time before they’re simply let loose throughout your entire home. During the day, while the doggies are in the yard, they have their closet door open, and have the entire long hallway and puppy room to run around. In the mornings and evenings while I’m home, they’re in our bedroom. Essentially the only time they’re shut in the closet is at night when they’re sleeping [which is adorable when I wake them up the next morning and find them sleeping].

I made the ramps and shelves using some extra shelving from a closet in the bathroom, some driver nails, vintage tacs, and some old anthropologie towels that I cut down to fit.

very professional work, here, you guys…
We still have storage above for cleaning supplies and kitty food :)

That litter box is an angel from heaven. I HIGHLY recommend it. Best purchase ever: the modkat

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