Last weekend at the flea, I haggled with this man that had a few pieces of Homecrest that I was interested in. I have the rare, chaise version of this wire chair and decided it needed a friend. Specifically, the chair pictured below. He would not go below $75 and I was hoping to pay around $50.

He also had this entire set of Homecrest for $400 and I was tempted to invest. The glider was absolutely adorable. However, I couldn’t get the small, white one out of my head.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts where people have put them inside their homes…which is always an option…

As luck would have it…ModFruGal came to my rescue once again. She had the exact chair I wanted and offered to sell it to me for $50. Hers was also the original color and not painted white…which is a plus. I immediately headed over to her house and snagged this guy. I also nicely demanded to have a tour of her amazing treehouse that she and her husband built for her boys. If you haven’t seen posts on this thing…it’s exceptional.

They’re happy to finally be together. Now, if only I had that homecrest glider…
my friend, Rachel, putting it to good use


  1. Aw, thanks!! Glad you liked the treehouse, despite it's muddy trashed state from the 3rd grade boy party! Hope you enjoy the chair!

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